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Meet Our Team

Mike Bennett- Owner


  • Position: Bossman
  • Hometown: SLC Utah
  • Married with 4 Children
  • Favorite Team: Dutch, USA, RSL
  • Favorite Player: Rimando, Beckerman
  • Current Boot: Cabela's Roughneck
  • Favorite Quote: Get back to work!

Mark Osborne- General Manager/Clubs


  • Position: Keeper
  • Hometown: GroB-Gerau, Germany
  • Married with 4 Children
  • Favorite Team: RSL, Bayern Munich, DFB
  • Favorite Player: Kahn, Neuer, Klose, Rimando
  • Current Boot: Copa Mundial
  • Favorite Quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take- Wayne Gretsky

Zach Ivie- Manager/HS Accounts


  • Position: Keeper
  • Hometown: Bountiful, Utah
  • Married with 3 Children
  • Favorite Team: RSL, Man U
  • Favorite Player: Paul Scholes
  • Current Boot: Mizuno Wave Shinken
  • Favorite Quote: You learn more from defeats then you do from victories- Sir Alex Ferguson

Logan Butzier- Manager/Retail


  • Position: Keeper
  • Hometown: Eagle, Idaho
  • Favorite Team: RSL, BVB, USA
  • Favorite Player: Tim Howard
  • Current Boot: Tiempo Legend
  • Favorite Quote: I'd go into the foxhole with and one of you!- Coach Dorich

Callen Sanderson- Team Lead


  • Position: Wing
  • Hometown: SLC, Utah
  • Favorite Team: USA, RSL
  • Favorite Player: Ronaldinho
  • Current Boot: Puma Netfit
  • Favorite Quote: Out here I like to work real hard!- Chaw

Amy Bennett- Team Lead


  • Position: Treats
  • Hometown: South Jordan, Utah
  • Favorite Team: Polar Bears
  • Favorite Player: Aaron Anderson
  • Current Boot: ASUS Manic Flat Brogue
  • Favorite Quote: When life knocks you down, just stay there and take a nap!

Tristan Cowles- Team Lead


  • Position: Keeper
  • Hometown: St. George, Utah
  • Favorite Team: Everton
  • Favorite Player: Gylfi Sigurdsson  
  • Current Boot: Magista Opus
  • Favorite Quote: Life is like a sewer. You get out of it what you put in.

Troy Page White- Sales Associate


  • Position: Fullback
  • Hometown: Boulder City, Nevada
  • Favorite Team: RSL
  • Favorite Player: David Beckham 
  • Current Boot: Phantom Venom
  • Favorite Quote: If at first you don't succeed, try-try again!

Elijah Schott- Sales Associate


  • Position: Referee- aka Childhood Ruiner
  • Hometown: Sandy, Utah
  • Favorite Team: Arsenal
  • Favorite Player: Antoine Griezman
  • Current Boot: MPuma Netfit 2.1
  • Favorite Quote: Just Do It!

Talmage Hilton- Sales Associate


  • Position: Center Back
  • Hometown: Sandy, Utah
  • Favorite Team: RSL
  • Favorite Player: Jerome Boateng 
  • Current Boot: Mercurial Superfly
  • Favorite Quote: Never let anyone treat you like a Yellow Starburst. You are a Pink Starburst!

Shawn Breeland- Sales Associate


  • Position: Water Boy
  • Hometown: Mel Mac
  • 1 child
  • Favorite Team: Space Jam
  • Favorite Player: #23 
  • Current Boot: Snow Boots
  • Favorite Quote: Dude what does yours say?

Sebastian Sanchez- Sales Associate


  • Position: Center Mid
  • Hometown:  Colima, Mexico
  • Favorite Team: Bayern
  • Favorite Player: Myself, Pele
  • Current Boot: Phantom VSN 
  • Favorite Quote: Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

Jennifer Gutierrez- Sales Associate


  • Position: Right Wing
  • Hometown: Tulancingo, Mexico
  • Favorite Team: Pachuca 
  • Favorite Player:   Alex Morgan
  • Current Boot: Predators 
  • Favorite Quote: If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice. 

Gabriel Tachini- Sales Assocaite


  • Position: Center Back
  • Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Favorite Team: FCB, Uruguay 
  • Favorite Player: Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan, Lionel Messi, Pele   
  • Current Boot: Nike Pro 6 Superfly
  • Favorite Quote: Risk Everything

Brandon Jensen- Sales Associate


  • Position: Keeper
  • Hometown: Smithfield, Utah
  • Favorite Team: Man U 
  • Favorite Player: De Gea
  • Current Boot: Adidas Ace
  • Favorite Quote: Life is hard, It's even harder when you're stupid!- John Wayne

Jacob Breckenridege- Sales Associate


  • Position: Center Forward
  • Hometown: Lehi, Utah
  • Favorite Team: Man U, Jazz
  • Favorite Player: Puyol, Messi, John Stockton
  • Current Boot: Copa 17.2
  • Favorite Quote: I can accept failure, everyone fails. What I can't accept is not trying. -Michael Jordan

TBD- Sales Associate


  • Position: 
  • Hometown: 
  • Favorite Team:
  • Favorite Player:   
  • Current Boot: 
  • Favorite Quote:

TBD- Sales Associate


  • Position: 
  • Hometown: 
  • Favorite Team:
  • Favorite Player:   
  • Current Boot: 
  • Favorite Quote: